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11 October 2015 @ 01:07 pm
ATS episode, Judgement (2x01) for btvsats20in20
Cassandra Cillian (The Librarians) for hbic20in20

For btvsats20in20
10 Themes
Orange Unusual Crop Truth Sepia+Profile Retro
Hot Crossover Contrast Angry Yellow+Blue
Cat 1 Cat 2 Cat 3 Cat 4 Cat 5
5 Artist's Choice
AC 1 AC 2 AC 3 AC 4 AC 5

For hbic20in20

gradient background hat green mouth water
animal profile top-half promo expression

5 CATEGORY - Living Just As Free As My Hair
cat #1 cat #2 cat #3 cat #4 cat #5

Artist's Choice #1 Artist's Choice #2 Artist's Choice #3 Artist's Choice #4 Artist's Choice #5


~ Take what you like for personal use but please credit if used :)
~ No hotlinking!
~ Comments are appreciated :)
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starry_nightstarry_night on October 18th, 2015 03:40 am (UTC)
They're about the same. The main issue is that they are very dark and can be hard to brighten up.

Your set pushed me to try not to put ornaments just for the sake of the pretty but to have some meaning

Yeah I admit I still do just put decoration for the pretty most of the time myself. But when I found these textures I found they fit pretty well for the characters :P

There are guides?

Oh yeah. There's a big annual Ask The Maker thing at icon_talk - they put a master post together with all the requests to make it easier. Plus a few makers have tutorials and guides when people request them.

Here's a couple I've been inspired by:
# http://split-loyalties.livejournal.com/43510.html
# http://illusoir-icons.livejournal.com/21609.html
# http://danseur-lion.livejournal.com/14901.html

red_satin_doll: Harmony Kendall Gold Sparkle STYNGTred_satin_doll on October 19th, 2015 10:42 pm (UTC)
Oh wow these are fantastic posts, thank you thank you dear! I love all of these. And I've signed up for icon_talk, which was probably overdue.
starry_night: buffy: buffy summersstarry_night on October 20th, 2015 10:19 am (UTC)
No worries, I have a bunch of guide type posts favourited and I quite often refer to them (even just for inspiration) :)
red_satin_doll: Buffy NA Sepia Grunge RSDred_satin_doll on October 20th, 2015 05:36 pm (UTC)
I quite often refer to them (even just for inspiration)

Since I don't use PS that's pretty much how I work anyway because I can't always "follow along" all the steps. But that's how I learned to cook and not rely on cookbooks as well - now I glance at a couple of recipes and swing in my own direction and it usually works. (Notice I didn't say "always".)

Thanks again hon! It's nice to see other people have done some of the things I'm thinking about and realizing I don't have to re-invent the wheel.

Edited at 2015-10-20 05:36 pm (UTC)